Thursday, December 3, 2009


Wow, the elves are working overtime here. We're beginning to sell out of items and are doing our best to keep those pointy-eared workers busy restocking our inventory. Hopefully, we'll only be out of those items for bit. The Charley Harper Art Studio would like to offer an apology for any inconveniences and thank all of our patrons for their patience. Just kidding. We don't employ elves. Its raccoons.

If any of you wonderful readers are in San Francisco this weekend, stop by Deco the Halls Modernism Show and do some holiday shopping. Charley Harper Art Studio will be there. The lovely Sandy Crouse will be more than happy to assist you with finding the appropriate gift for your favorite loved-one. She knows all the answers to all the questions, too.

Did you see us in December's Vogue Magazine? We are setting the bar for the fashion world. Remember, when you think fashion and couture, think Harper.


  1. ugh, I'm reading this Dec. 7 and I live in SF. dang I would have loved to stop by.

    My parents collected Mr. Harpers work and it was the majority of art work hanging in our families home. I have alot of memories associated with it needles to say. I have Racpack in my home thanks to my generous parents. I'm glad to see the book out, I dont think my father knows about or just hasnt bought it so I'm going to get it for him for Christmas.

    Thanks again for Mr. Harpers beautiful work, I'm glad to see it making a well deserved rediscovery.


  2. Sounds like a busy December - Season's Greetings!

  3. Russell, we recommend the smaller sized "popular" edition of the book. The images in it are so much more vibrant and crisp! Sorry we missed you while in SF. We'll be back out that way!

    Delicious, hope you're is a busy and happy holiday, too!