Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Mopping the floors. Preparing for shows. Eating chocolate bars. Finishing the new catalog. Life is grand. Its still early enough in the afternoon that the owl hasn't started it hooting. Almost like clockwork, "HOOT HOOT HOOT" every afternoon at four. Thinking about getting rid of the clock and just going by owl time.

Do we have any folk music fans reading? Well, regardless, we'd like to recommend Nora, Ben, and Eli for some enjoyable springtime listening. Its sort of Celtic / Appalachian folk blend. Actually, they do English, Irish, Welsh, Appalchian, and even French folk/country tunes. We have their cd, Neotradition, and its a good one. Hard to believe they are still in high school and so talented. The trio live just down the way from here in Louisville, KY and have been getting a lot of attention locally.

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