Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Twitter and Pics!!

The pawpaws are getting ripe for picking here. The studio is surrounded by pawpaw trees and we have a pawpaw pie in the fridge with some butter pecan ice cream in the freezer to top it with. Mmmmmmm. Just can't leave it on the counter or one of the cats will have themselves a snack!

As you can see by the title of this blog, the Charley Harper Art Studio has joined the technological revolution and you can now follow all the up-to-date happenings of ours at

Check out Drake Brodahl's blog and homage to Charley Harper.

And check out the studio's very own Sandy Crouse hanging out with retro hip cool cat artist,Shag, at the Denver Modernism show. Apparently, Shag is a big fan of Charley's, and owns almost all of Charley's fish imagery!! Check out Shag's own work at

And here she is again with Charles Phoenix, the slice-of-Americana slide show man, himself. Wow, those two are a pair. if you stare long enough at both of their outfits together you may begin to realize deeper truths about the universe. Or you'll just go cross-eyed.

All in all, Sandy said that the Denver Modernism show was a grand success, with lots of Charley Harper fans stopping by and cleaning out our stop of lithographs and calendars. Thank you all very much. And a special hello to the dog that made off with poor Sandy's breakfast while she was trying to get some work done. Bad dog! But how could anyone stay mad at a face like that? Look at those eyes!

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