Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whew!! It is muggy outside. You would think it was June all over again. It just started raining and you can hear the drops hitting the beech and pawpaw leaves.

Local Cincinnati designer and birdwatcher, Jill Baker, paid the studio a visit yesterday to show off her new leg. Jill had the top of her new prosthesis covered in Charley Harper birds. We had been hearing about this for a couple of months and were glad to have her visit the studio to show it off. Jill said the last thing she would see before surgeries on her leg at Cincinnati Children's Hospital were Charley Harper's bird's that decorated the hospital walls. Wow. Thanks for sharing that with us Jilly! Be sure to say hi to her at some of the bird shows around the country.

OK, time to get back to work and prep for being at SF20, San Francisco's 20th Century Modernism Show and Sale this weekend!


  1. Charley Harper prosthesis wear? Really? WOW

  2. That was a custom job that Jill had done. She's a huge fan and a lovely lady. We love Jill.