Thursday, March 4, 2010

Athena International Foods

Can we tell you how much we like the Athena Foods, at 8548 Winton Road, in Cincinnati? It is truly a great little Greek deli. Delicious gyro, greek yogurt, homemade desserts, bulk dry goods, herbs and spices, Greek wine, olive oil, olives, good prices, tables to sit in and relax.... we could go on and on. As we sit here in the studio and bliss out after having a delicious lunch of olives, dolmas, and gyros, we wonder why there isn't hardly any web presence for them. Where's the webpage or blog with a list of wines, a menu, etc? And when will there be mousaka?! If you are a frequent City Beat reader, you may have seen pics and write-ups, though. We can't wait til they have an on-license so we can go sit there, listen to traditional Greek and Cretian music, have a glass of wine and gnosh on olives and end with a piece of baklava. Does it get much better?

If you're looking for it in Finneytown, its next door to Hong Kong Kim's Kwon Do studio,in the strip right next to the CVS on Winton across from the Applebees. Don't go to Applebee's. Go to Athena.

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