Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Sneakers and Gnus

News, news and more gnus.

Snow is melting and green grass is showing. All the fat little gray squirrels are outside the studio door rooting around rather than trying to get into the birdfeeders. Brett just picked up another bag of seed and as he was preparing to put it away, some of our local avian neighbors figured out what it was and broke into it before he had a chance to even open it himself!

Also with the change of season comes Habit Footwear's new spring line. Check out page 24 of the spring catalog for the Charley Harper Artist Series! That's right, lo-cut and hi-top sneakers featuring Charley Harper's artwork. Both are part of a matching set of sneakers and skate decks. They're just out and already getting rave reviews for looks and comfort. Kudos to Habitat!

Ever read Atomic Ranch magazine? We do. For those that don't know, "Atomic Ranch celebrates midcentury houses—from 1940s ranch tracts to 1960s architect-designed modernist homes. With an emphasis on affordable solutions and homeowner renovations... quarterly magazine shows you how to make your house cool, both inside and out." As a matter of fact, the Charley Harper Art Studio is located in a midcentury custom built ranch home. The spring edition features Charley and the studio's work. Karen Bartos, of Farmington Hills, Michigan, provides a nice right up of how they decorated she and her husband's ranch home with Harper art. Then on pg. 38 the Charley Harper Art Studio is featured under "Cool Stuff"! Right next to the Star Trek fans and fly-away winged overhead lamps. Thanks for the love Atomic Ranch, and nice design layout!

We at the Harper studio, would like to take a minute to say thank you to Treglown Designs. When Edie passed, they sent us a box of sugar cookies made to look like Harper ladybugs and cardinals! We finally broke down today and broke into them. It must be the nice weather that inspired it. They were YUM!

Last week was Cincinnati's Modernism show, 20th Century Cincinnati. It was well attended and sales were good. Considering that, even though the economy has boosted some, we are still in a recession, people are beginning to go out and spend money again and exercise a sense of style. Here are some pics we took while there!

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