Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Bored? Snowed in with nothing to do but watch TV and twiddle your thumbs? Baked 5 loaves of bread, made 3 pots of soup, and 2 lasagnas, and have no intention of setting foot in the kitchen for 2 weeks? Need something new, yet familiar and comforting in your life? Something to engage the whole room? Eye-hand coordination practice? Memory upkeep? Invite others to brave the elements to share in the love that came out the oven? Well, Pomegranate Publishing how's come through with a whole new group of Harper products and boy, do they look swell!!

There are jigsaw puzzles of the some of Charley's National Parks posters. A really cute pocket journal with Limp on Limb on it. Some very nicely designed invitation cards with Darwin's Finches. And even Ladybugs Mating was turned into a notepad. Everything can be viewed in the "Other Items" section of www.charleyharperartstudio.com.

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  1. Pomegranate Publishing is beyond incredible. I've never seen so many things offered anywhere except maybe Dover Publishing. And, the quality is superb. I love Pomegranate. I look forward to searching for Charlie Harper items. You're right. I could easily spend hours perusing their site. Its a terrific survey of American and world art. It's better than TV! Betty.