Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter's End?

The groundhog both saw and didn't see its shadow the other day. There are flowers poking up out of the bed of leaves on the ground and we're looking at a possible snow storm tomorrow. So close to spring, maybe winter will go out with a bang. Funny how we like to talk about the weather when we're not sure what to say. The loss of Edie is still running deep here. Pushing forward and putting the studio's energy to new products and business is helping. Little things make a difference, too. All the support and condolenses, chocolate, and believe or not, a good gyro.
We went up to Athena Foods on Winton Rd yesterday, after hearing that they now made gyros and WOW!! Just the smells alone were like walking into a little slice of paradise. And the meat - great flavor and not greasy. Little things... little things. ITs always nice to go someplace and talk with someone who has a true love of food.

The studio's new product line from Pomegranite Communications will be online at after Monday. Pomegranite's design team seemed to have a lot of fun coming up with the new stuff. Check out the Darwin's Finches invitation cards and the Limp on a Limb journal notebook. There also seems to be a leaning towards a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle series based on the National Parks posters Charley produced. Glacier Bay and the Rocky Mountains will be available next week on our site. Stay tuned.

Coming soon....The "Ladybug Coalition"

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