Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a Smile!

If you don't know Eleanor Grosch, maybe you should. She's a Philadelphia based designer who works in our favorite fashion - MINIMALISM!!! YAYYYY!!! But seriously, Eleanor is a big fan of the Harpers, and bless her heart, she sent the studio some of her personal prints last year. We think she does fabulous stuff over there at Push Me Pull You Design. We think her Keds shoes are perfect for wearing around our own studio. 7 and a half, Eleanor!! Just kidding. What about men's? She's got great slip-ons for wearing around the house. Size 10, also, Eleanor! We recommend taking the time to peruse her portfolio gallery and the about section of her website. She'll be speaking at How Design Conference 2010 in Denver, CO. Maybe we'll see you there. Ps. Thank you, Eleanor, for your kind words about Edie. It means a lot.

We did promise you a bit about the Ladybug Coalition. Back in 1996 Ranger Rick magazine ran a great piece on Charley and his ladybug artwork. Those little red critturs were a personal favorite of his. "Enchanted", as he put it. So much so, that it became the Harper family symbol! Want to know more? Stay tuned!


  1. Hey, Guys! Wow, thank you so much for the mention. I really really appreciate it!! And, yes, I would love to meet you guys at the HOW conference!!

  2. If we get a chance to make it to HOW, we'll say hi.