Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowed In or Snowy Owl?

Ahhh... more snow. Could it get much better? Almost everything was closed down today after Cincinnati received a few inches of wintry blanketing. Almost. The Charley Harper Art Studio was active. Brett was snowed in, but Rena was able to plow through to make sure the cat's were ok and ongoing business was not falling behind. What a trooper! Next time you see her, tell her how much you appreciate all the hard work she puts in to make sure the Harper legacy is sprinkled upon the world like the soft downy feathers falling from the breast of a great horned owl hunting mice.
What started as big fluffy flakes are now fine crystals blown about by a Jack Frost gale. Wonderful weather to curl up in a warm nest rather than trying to forage beneath the firs for nuts and seeds. Or in the case of all the wildlife around the studio, taking turns at the fully stocked feeders. Its a great day for going out and identifying and following animal tracks. A great place to go find out about backyard wildlife and how to help them through these months would be Wild Bird Centers of America. You may even see some of the artwork of Charley and Edie Harper while you are in there!
Remember, once you start, those cute little creatures will need your continued dedication to help them through the year!

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